AG-969 Wall Mounted Electric Grid insect Lights

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  • 24-hour, non-chemical trapping
  • No glueboard replacement cost
  • Energy-efficient U.V. insect lamps (2 – 25 watt)
  • Attraction range: 3000 sq. ft.
  • UL approved/listed, 115V/60hz with 6’ cord
  • FDA & USDA accepted under current code
  • 2 year limited warranty
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The AG-969 is a top rated wall mount light trap with 100 watts of U.V. light attraction. Flying insects are electrocuted on an internal grid and dropped into a removable tray, allowing easy access for evaluation, identification, and disposal. Ideal for aggressive control in sensitive areas. USDA studies show the 100 watts of U.V. light output provides optimum fly attraction. Install light 3-6 feet high on the wall.


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