AG-961 Portable/Wall Mounted Electric Grid insect Lights

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  • 24-hour, non-chemical trapping
  • No glueboard replacement cost
  • Energy-efficient U.V. insect lamp (2 – 25 watt)
  • Attraction range: 2500 sq. ft.
  • UL approved/listed, 115v/60hz, with 6’ cord
  • FDA & USDA accepted under current code
  • 2 year limited warranty
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The AG-961 Insect Electrocutor is a compact, powerful light trap for small areas where space is limited. The 50 watts of U.V. light attraction is the highest available in a trap of this size. It is open on both sides for 360o visibility, and kills insects on a protected electric grid. Dead insects are contained in a removable drawer. The light can be suspended from a ceiling, mounted 3-6 feet high on a wall, or used as a portable tabletop trap.


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