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I live in Ewa Beach, Hawaii, and houseflies, blow flies, and bottle flies are simply everywhere here, all the time, and never cease to annoy me every time I want to go outside and enjoy the lanai. Thus, I am forever in search of the next/latest/greatest devices to catch and kill flies. Some, such as the Victor Fly Magnet and Rescue! Fly Trap work very well, but use a foul smelling bait to lure the flies in and thus aren’t suitable to have indoors or even within 25 feet of people when outdoors. Others, such as my Hoont flying insect zapper lure bugs in through the use of an ultraviolet light, which apparently houseflies aren’t particularly attracted to and thus are ineffective for my purposes. Electrified bug swatters that look like tennis racquets are fun and work, but you can only get a couple here and there. Same with the Bug-a-Salt gun (I own two), works well and is LOTS of fun, but not enough kills to really help. I am always looking for passive traps, things I can just put out and will kill flies all day and night without me having to spend much time tending to them.

After doing some online research, it turns out that houseflies are attracted to the colors black and blue, and frankly why this information has been incorporated in all the fly-killing devices yet is beyond me (everything I see tends to be yellow in color) but I was happy to find at least this ONE fly trap that doesn’t use horrible orders or chemicals to attract flies, is noiseless, and uses a bluer light as an attractant (the description only says it’s a UV light, but it’s definitely more blue than my Hoont UV zapper). Hoping this would be the answer I’ve been looking for in the way of an indoor-use, silent fly killer, I purchased it and a 10-pack of replacement boards. As soon as I saw a fly in the house I set it up in the corner, instructed my wife to not kill the fly, and waited. Initially I could see the fly buzzing around and generally ignoring this fly trap, but it was in the middle of the day and I had it plugged in right next to several large windows that were even brighter than this thing at the time (the instructions tell you to put it away from competing light sources, but like all men I ignore instructions). I pretty much forgot about it for the rest of the day and then checked on it the next morning – PAY DIRT! Not only did it snag the annoying housefly at some point, it also swallowed up 7 or so smaller black flying things (gnats? Fruit flies? I’m not sure) as a bonus. Here is a picture of the glue board after having the device plugged in for the first 24 hours of ownership. So while I feel it’s a tad expensive for simply being a light with a glue board behind it, it DID work to attract and kill a fly, so I’m pretty happy with it. It’s bright, but we also keep it downstairs near the kitchen so it doesn’t bother us at night. I suspect it’ll be most effect at dawn and dusk, when flies are still active and it’s the brightest thing around so I can probably leave it unplugged for most of the day, put it in around 6:00 p.m., and then remove it after breakfast for maximum effectiveness. I wish it simply had an on/off switch instead of having to plug it in and out, but that’s a minor quibble. Although stated for indoor use only, I will probably try to put it outside on our covered porch for a day or two and see how many flies it grabs then. Updated pic to come perhaps? Any anyone with a good fly-killing device, please let me know!