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The light attracts the nats , flys and other flying insects. And the sticky adhesive board keeps the insects stuck to the sticky board when they go to the light. 👍

Bulb attracts and sticky card captures annoying mosquitos in my house. Stops those mystery nighttime bites! Works much better than indoor flypaper and other traps I’ve tried.

My only issue is that in a couple of years when it is time to change the light bulb the bulb may be very difficult to remove, over time the adhesive used on the replaceable cards flows down into the light bulb socket and makes a gooey, sticky mess. Wish they had designed a plastic “dam” at card base or something to keep the sticky residue from flowing into he lamp socket. In this case have to remove access screws, swing open access cover, and use pliers and gentle persuasion to remove burnt out lamp for replacement.

However, still worth the money and I would (and have) ordered again. This product works for me!